Our Story

An innovative social enterprise and registered charity,Circle Collective was founded in September 2010 by Turly Humphreys. Circle Collective was created tohelp unemployed young people acquire and develop the workplace skills,confidence, positive mindset and self-discipline needed to secure life-changingpermanent employment. So far we have got over 200 young people into jobs.

Our Mission

We believe that every young person who wants a job should be able to get one. Too often, young people find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle: they don’t have enough experience to get a job, but can’t develop that experience without having one. At Circle Collective, we want to break that cycle. We believe that young people have a whole lot of enthusiasm, energy, humour and spirit to offer employers. So if what they need is experience, then that’s what we give them.

Our Vision

We don’t believe in putting young people in a classroom to teach them how to be good employees. Our young trainees go and visit major employers. They sit in board rooms, drink coffee and talk to senior managers about their career options. They listen to real stories from real people about their first jobs and career journeys. They complete mock interviews, write engaging CVs and LinkedIn profiles and learn about customer service. They complete inspirational coaching sessions and get one-to-one support from our staff to help grow their confidence.

They get real, practical work experience at our retail store in Dalston. We train them to serve customers, use a till and look after the stock designed by independent fashion talents.

But one size certainly does not fit all. So we listen to young people and find out about their interests and ambitions. And we make things happen for them. We’ve supported young people to complete admin and marketing internships in our charity and work experience placements with our partners. We support each young person we work with long-term, helping them to achieve their personal and professional goals, increase their earnings and become responsible members of the community and mentors to future recruits.

And, of course, they get jobs. Lots of jobs. We provide a non-academic pathway into a variety of sectors, including business, retail and facilities management. We aim to place as many young people as possible into full-time employment, permanently enriching and improving their lives.

Results So Far

In the 2016/2017 financial year Circle Collective:

  • Securedover 50 jobs for unemployed young people
  • In doing so we save the public £233,396
  • Creating £4.66 of social value for every £1 invested.

You can read our full social impact report produced by the University of Northampton here

Turly’s Story

Turly Humphreys, founder of Circle Collective, is a woman with a passion for seeing young people succeed and a talent for making things happen. Turly has over 25 years’ experience running her own successful businesses, in addition to working for high profile clients. Her current sponsors and supporters include SSE, John Lewis, SIB, Big Issue, UnLtd, Experian and Land Securities. She is a fellow of the school of social entrepreneurs.

How We Are Funded

Circle Collective is funded through a combination of donations, grants, private trusts and retail sales revenue and successfully engages with a wide variety of organisations when delivering its services. All of our revenue is used to create community events and employment opportunities for young people. Why not support us by purchasing from our online store or donations?

Our Values

Our passion is in supporting young people. We believe in them, and put them at the heart of everything we do. We offer them enrichment; providing them with opportunities to learn new skills and grow as individuals. We listen to young people and respect their feelings and opinions. We love our community and play an active role in making it a vibrant, exciting place to live and work. And we get results for the young people we work with. We support everyone we work with to make sure we secure the best possible outcome for them.


  • Santander Scale Up
  • Lloyds Scale Up
  • Big Issue CVS Award
  • UNLTD. Fast Growth 2014

2015 graduation