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Top quality sports clothing from Nike

Nike is a revolutionary label which is renowned for setting trends rather than following them. There is something about the way Nike do things which keeps the brand feeling new and fresh but it has actually been with us for more than 50 years. Nike like to stay ahead of the game and the continuing popularity of the brand is the result of a commitment to excellence, to innovation and to meeting the changing demands of athletes and enthusiasts across the world.

Nike began as Blue Ribbon Sports and was founded in 1964 by athletics coach Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight who was a middle distance runner. The athletic backgrounds of this duo ensured that the focus was on innovation and technological development from the beginning. They began by merely acting as distributors in the US for Onitsuka Tiger but by 1971 it was time to move on to produce their own footwear.

As the nature of the company was changing it was decided that it deserved a new name that reflected the new aims. Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory, seemed appropriate. A design student was asked to come up with a new logo and the famous Swoosh was the result. Nike were ready to take on the world!

The first shoe's styling was modelled on Onitsuka Tiger's Corsair but benefitted from the addition of a revolutionary lightweight sole. The shoe needed a little tweaking but the team at Nike eventually nailed it and have never looked back. The range was eventually expanded to feature a comprehensive collection of sports footwear, clothing and equipment, all bearing the iconic swoosh.

We are proud to feature the Nike brand here at Circle Collective. You know what you are getting with Nike who always have their fingers on the pulse and manage to produce sporting apparel that works brilliantly whilst being right on trend.

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