Vans Trainers

Leading Footwear Design from Vans

Vans is an authentic action sports footwear brand which produces original, edgy and trend-setting designs. Promoting action sports lifestyle and youth minded culture, Vans is a label that grew from a shoes manufacturer to offer products like T-shirts, bags, hoodies, hats and sports equipment and expanded worldwide since it began in California in the late 60s.

When the Van Doren brothers decided to open their first store in 1966, they sold customised shoes directly to the public, demonstrating the brand’s innovative approach and concept since its early days. From an initial twelve customers, Vans continued to grow becoming a trendy label and specially popular in the skateboarding industry.

Vans continued to introduce innovations through its products and started to create footwear to a variety of sports beyond skateboarding, including: surfing, wakeboarding, BMX and motocross. They gained worldwide recognition and reputation through their rugged make-up and sticky sole and the support of athletes on bikes and boards all over the world.

We are proud to offer the Vans trainers in our range at Circle Collective, which promotes the youth and their active lifestyle and we are sure that you will too.

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