Intelligent Retail Review

Running a successful retail business today means having to deal with many different selling channels. This would be virtually impossible without using a retail system which keeps track of all the sales, makes it easy for staff to keep track of stock and makes sure that when we say we have something, we actually do!

The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS System

For retailers who have both a high street store and also trade online, a retail system is needed which makes it easy to sell via many different channels. The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system offers integrated stock control which covers any channel it's connected to, drag and drop selling via Ebay, Amazon and any connected website, integration with suppliers, postal carriers and even Sage Line 50 accounting, so the whole process of selling is covered.

Finding out what has been sold on a daily basis is simple with the Intelligent Retail Connect system - all sales come into the till interface as if the goods had been sold through our high street store and we can immediately see where they were sold and who the goods need to be sent out to. The system automatically takes off stock from the system and informs all of the other selling channels, so if you have goods advertised on your eCommerce website and also on Amazon, sales on one channel will update the stock on the other, so no over-selling of stock!

Easy Accounting with Intelligent Retail Connect

Because the Connect EPoS system from Intelligent Retail is fully integrated with Sage Line 50 software and many supply chain systems, everything from initial supply of the goods to your store to filling out tax and VAT returns are covered. This means hassle free selling and more time to run the business, do marketing and of course serve customers!

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