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The Converse Story

The Converse was formally founded by Marquis Mills Converse in 1908. In 1917, the company decided to design the All Star. The All Star are responsible for desgining the rubber sole and the upper canvas in which became an elite shoe for professional Basketball players. The have been a few notable people during that time peroid the shoes were worn by such as Charles Chuck Taylor(Professional Basketball player) who actually joined a Basketball Team called The Converse All Stars. As he wore the shoes he than became very fond of them and started generating ideas that the shoe was designed for flexibility and support due to the inner sole providing comfort in the ankle area. As time went on many various professional Basketball players began to wear All Stars and soon after All Stars were being worn by Athletes starring in the Olympics. In the 1960's era the development of All Stars really began expanding their company and were being manufactured in factories. The shoe was gaining popularity from the 1960's and became a favourite for numerous groups and subcultures. Converse All Stars was making a clear appearance among the music industry and maintained their presence in the Rock and Roll and Punk Rock communities. In addition, popular singers, song artists and other musicians wore Converse All Stars such as Green Day, Ed Sheeran, Elvis Presley, Miley Cyrus and many more. It is worth noting that All Stars has been seen appearing in music videos ranging from the 1980's to 2013's in "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus. Chuck Taylors as part of the Converse Century Project, the company began issuing different models. The shoe seemed to have a tremendous amount of success with it being featured in films and Television by various actors such as Michael J. Fox (Main Protagonist from Back To The Future) probably being the most iconic were he is seen wearing black Chuck Taylors. Although it was initially intended to be a basketball shoe it was also being worn by previous powerlifting athletes which have embraced Chuck Taylors as most suitable for the sport. Chuck Taylors have strong canvas material and certain models have different designes. As well as Converse All Stars has been widely known for the Hi Top look, there are different modules for example the low top Chuck Taylor provide complete ankle mobility since the canvas does not cover the ankles. The design of the Converse All Stars was improved mainly during this time period. Chuck Taylor(Professional Basketball player) decided to to incorporate his name onto the ankle patches which was then made to display the Converse logo.

TOMS have nowdonated over 60 million pairs of shoes to childrenwho desperately need support, as well asshowcasing their plight to the 60 million people who have purchased products from TOMS. Thestrong social conscience thatcomes with supporting TOMS missions has enabled TOMS to achieve bigger and better things and now include support with eye care, safer birth and clean water. TOMS have now grown into the world leader of change within the fashion industry, with brand identity key to their success. TOMS give shoes based on the terrain andseason, as well ascreating local jobs y producing the shoes in countries that are supported.



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