Everybody wears a Mazsk

Mazsk Clothing, the sister brand of Lagoniassa, is a unique designerinfluenced by tribal arts and music, embracing varied rich and expressive cultures. Mazsk is born and designed in Greenwich, South East London, with influences froma local and international scale. Creating limited edition collections, with most items available as an only/last size, Mazsk has produced striking piecesincluding removable sleeves, zipped front and PU materials.


Worn by both men and women, the Mazsk collection use a range of colourways and tribal patterns, having a strong brand identity and recognisable features. Every purchase you make supports Mazsk's growth and further collections, inspiring other new designers to take the leap into fashion.

Circle Collective is a non-profit organisation, with money you spend being reinvested into support more young people into employability training, through our successful 'Get Employed' traing program. Looking Good, Doing Good!

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