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Innovation and originality is something all clothing brands strive towards. We want people to see our #PandaPieces and think “Woah, I like that.”

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, to give the people a break from typical high street fashion that seems to recycle itself in every single mainstream shop out there.A real important value to us here is bridging the gap between high quality, well-made clothing, and affordability. We’ll never charge you anything for a product that we wouldn’t honestly pay ourselves. Promise.

Our products all have unique touches, or ‘talking points’ that have been crafted by our founder and creative director, Daniyal Khan. This is to ensure that there’s always a story to tell every time you wear our pieces – How you tell it? That’s up to you.

Panda Pieces include the high quality baseball caps 'P' design available in Mustard yellow, Black/White, & Green/Pink, Snapback caps in Black/White logo and Navy suede PXNDA. The apparel collection consists of high quality materials and finish, with the best selling 'signature' hoodie Black/White, eye-catching'Panda Life' hoodie in white/black. If its t-shirts you are looking for, the collection consists of four limited edition tees including the 'In Flames white tee, the 'Hadouken' salmon tee and the black & white signature tees.

Every purchase made helps support a young person into future employment. Circle Collective is a non profit organisation, with all proceeds going back into supporting the Circle Training program, helping young people with employability skills and the opportunity to gain work experience in one of our retail stores.

Purchasing products from our 'Independent Designer' section also helps support a new designer brands growth and potential. Circle Collective are at the heart of supporting the best new designer brands and are happy to be doing the same for west London's best designer brand, Urban Panda!

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