Our Training Programme

Welcome to Circle Community! We aim to support unemployed young people find work by giving you real-life work experience and behind-the-scenes workshops. Our ground-breaking model supports you to build your confidence as well as your CV and develop crucial life skills.

We accept every young person who wants a job, respective of your background or history: if you want a job, we'll help! We understand that not every programme with rigid, strict classroom methods is suitable for everyone, and our unique Get Employed programme acknowledges these differences. Every young person's journey with us is as different as they are.

Your Circle Community journey, step-by-step

If you decide to join our Get Employed programme, here's what to expect.

Weekly 1:1 mentoring sessions

A weekly catch-up session with your mentor, where you can chat about your progress, what's happening next, and any upcoming events.

Work experience shifts at Circle Collective

Our shops, Circle Collective, form an essential part of our Get Employed programme. They are home to our real-life work experience that provides the practical, hands-on side to our programme. Working with our Circle Collective retail managers, you will learn all the essential skills that are needed, including how to use the tills, customer service and communication skills.

Motivational workshops

As part of the behind-the-scenes training we provide, our motivational workshops allow you to build your confidence, as well as working on interview skills and CV writing. These sessions are delivered by our incredible associates, whose experience and knowledge of the workplace make them invaluable employability mentors.

Meet the employers!

Meeting the employers is a key stage in your journey. Learn what the employers are looking for, ask about your career options and see what it is like working for different employers and in different work environments. These employers also run interesting and constructive workshops on their businesses and organise tours of their facilities.

Access to Jobs

Circle Community offer a unique opportunity for employment. We work directly with a large network of employers who recruit high quality, entry-level jobs directly through us. This means you will have access to opportunities that would not otherwise be open to you.

Ongoing, In-Work Support

… however, you can't get rid of us that easily. Once you've found employment, Circle Community will regularly check up on you, to make sure that everything is going well. We will support you for as long as you need it.

How To Join Us

The easiest way to join our programme is to just walk through the door: our shops are open everyday, so pop in for a chat. Or you can give us a call on 02072492442 or email us at retail@circlecollective.org.