Arc Minute

Arc Minute – An amplitude of groundbreaking design. Based in London, influenced by cosmos.

Since time is of the essence, so are our designs. Minutes of arc are drafted in the fundamentals of movement, of existence and of the understanding that nothing can be left to chance. For ultimate precision and reliability this has been utilised to understand how the smallest of changes, can echo into magnitudes of change.


This, is the attention to detail we find synonymous with our brand. We do not simply take pride in quality and uniqueness, we excel at it. Drawn by some of the industry’s most creative minds with an innovative vision, we source high grade materials only, that will compliment our uncompromisable minimum requirements.


As a brand, our ambition is to deliver an end-product that leaves you with a complete feeling and impression of assurance and recognition by individuals in pursuit of something different. We aim to bring our audience designs that are hard to place in a box to any competitors, as our designs although contemporary and urban, display evidence of individuality and stand out from the fashion standards.


We are not selling clothing, we are establishing an identity.

The minute of arc is yours. It is a finite amount of precision, where no two are quite the same.

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