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Lagoniassa is an independent, London-based Footwear, Clothing and Accessories brand, established in 2016 by two Londoners

LAGONIASSA was created out of necessity, a brand to showcase London underground sneaker and fashion culture.

'We pride ourselves in designing unique, trendy and functional pieces at the same time giving a voice to some part of the community that’s is being silenced in mainstream fashion. Staying true to our African roots and London upbringing, we choose LAGONIASSA as our brand name. The name has a significant story as it represents us, however, London also represents us. Which is why our sports Logo was inspired by famous River Thames'.

'Like London, our products are made to compliment the consumer’s passion for individuality and personal style whilst reflecting our personality. From our interesting cuts, detailing and a new take on everyday wear. Our brand focuses on creating authenticity with an emphasis on functional and unique designs. So to all change makers, early adopters, trailblazers, trendsetters and individual who accepts fashion forwardness LAGONIASSA is the brand for you'.

OUR PROMISE - Always ensuring the highest quality and original designs, we maintain affordable prices whilst continuing to give voice to the silenced and bridging the divide (Saheed Tijani. Co Founder).

Circle Collective is a non-profit organisation, with money you spend being reinvested into support more young people into employability training, through our successful 'Get Employed' training program. Looking Good, Doing Good!

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